The Society Islands of French Polynesia, where the waters shift from cerulean to azure to aqua in a technicolor canvas that stretches as far as the horizon, are nothing short of inspired. The edge of the world… No other destination deserves this term better than Tahiti and Her Islands. Located nearly 2,500 miles (4,000km) from land, her 118 islands are sheltered from mass tourism—these tropical retreats deliver miles of white sandy shoreline, lush vegetation, and a tranquil haven away from it all. 

A small continent of human size with only 260,000 inhabitants... where Tahitians succeed to maintain their heritage and traditions of their Maohi ancestors where javelin throwing was the ‘sport of the gods’, surf riding was favoured by kings and Aito strongmen competed in outrigger canoe races and stone lifting as a show of strength.  Music, dance and handicrafts are important elements of Tahitian culture and ‘tattoos’ (a word that originated in French Polynesia) have long been considered signs of beauty.

It is thanks to the Mamas that the culture is so alive, beautiful, useful and always integrated in Tahiti and in our islands. The Mamas are the ones who pass along ancient Polynesian legends, oral history and rituals in addition to treasured family recipes for fafa (wild spinach simmered in coconut milk with chicken) and poisson cru (Polynesian ceviche tossed in fresh coconut milk).

The Mamas, as they are lovingly called are the beautiful ladies seen at Le Marché (public market) in Papeete Tahiti’s capital, where they are busy weaving pandanus bags, sewing carved mother-of-pearl embellishments onto grass dance skirts and stinging flower leis. They always have a welcoming smile on their face as their hands quickly weave and stitch away – never to busy to glance up to greet you.

They are the ones who shapped the polynesian mindset of our actual craftsmen, designers and entrepreneurs, who produced the items that you can enjoy at Try Tahiti.